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Take Tours to Sabah, the second largest state of Malaysia, which lies towards the northeast of Borneo. Popular as the 'Land Below The Wind', it was the name given by maritime traders during ancient times because it lies below the typhoon belt. Sabah is home to 32 different aboriginal groups, chief among them are Kadazans, Muruts, Bajausk, Kedayans, Sulu, Bisaya, Rumanau, Minokok and Rungus. Visit the largest rainforest of the world on Tours to Sabah.
Places For Visit
Sabah State Mosque, Kota Kinabalu
Visit Sabah State Mosque on Tours to Sabah. The mosque is a dazzling edifice built of imposing domes and gold inlay motifs. The mosque is ideal as a place of worship for the locals as well as tourists to Kota Kinabalu.
Sabah State Museum
Sabah State Museum is located in Kota Kinabalu and has a rich collection of tribal and historical artifacts relating to the people of Borneo. Also on display are the flora and fauna of the region, including rare birds, reptiles, animals and fish only.
Orangutan Sanctuary
The only tour Orangutan Sanctuaries in the world lies in the un-spoilt forest reserve in Sepilok. Orphaned, captivated or wounded Orangutans are brought to this place where they live till recuperation and then return back to forest life. Here orangutans are also trained so that visitors are able to take a unforgettable photograph with the lovable apes.
At a distance of 386 km from Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan is busy port on the Sulu Sea. The forestry exhibition in Sandakan has a display of an astonishing variety of flowers and plants found in Sabah. You must visit the Sandakan Orchid House on Tours to Malaysia. You will find a good collection of rare orchids. Very near Sandakan next to the Labuk Road is a crocodile farm where there are around 1, 000 crocodiles of various sizes.
Gomantong Caves
Gomantong Caves are situated at 32 km from Sandakan, which is a home to a large number of swifts and million of bats. The swifts build their nests high on cave walls and roofs. The nest collectors come to collect the nests by climbing on the tall bamboo poles for Swift Nest's soup that is a delicacy in Malaysia.
Kinabalu Park and Mt Kinabalue's Castle

On Tours to Sabah, visit the Kinabalu Park and Mount Kinabalu. Kinabalu Park is the place to witness a variety of plant and animal species. The 4095.2 m high Mount Kinabalu is within the premises of the park. The mountain range is a big attraction to the mountaineers. You may also enjoy hot bath at Poring Hot Springs. The thermal pool system offers a Japanese- style hot spring bath in the open air.

Mengkabong Water Village
On Tours to Sabah, you must check out the famous Mengkabong Water Village. The most characteristic feature of this village is the houses built on stilt and connected by a network of unsteady plank walks.
Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is a small town on the south coast of Sabah. The only oceanic mushroom-shaped island is known as the diving paradise and is rich with population of vibrant tropical fish and corals clearly visible in its crystal clear waters.

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