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About 24 Kms from Haridwar. Located in the laps of lower Himalayas, and is surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides with Holy Ganga flowing through it. The whole place is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to attainment of salvation. There are many temples-some ancient, some new along the river Ganges. Rishikesh is important not only as pilgrimage centre closely associated with the Ramayana, but also as home for many important centres of Hindu religious thought and spirituality, and as a very great Yoga Centre. There are a great many ashrams and Yoga institutes here. Rishikesh is also the gateway and the start-off point for journeys to important religious places like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.
The maximum temperature recorded so far is 27.7 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature of Rishikesh is 14.6 degree Celsius. In the months of summer the temperature in Rishikesh varies from 35 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. The temperature ranges from 10 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius in the months of winter.
Rishikesh is an ideal destination not only for pilgrims but also for those who want to delve deeper into meditation, Yoga and other aspects of Hinduism. For the adventurous, Rishikesh is the place for starting their trekking expeditions and excursions towards the Himalayan peaks. The International Yoga week, which attracts participation from all across the world, is held here every year from 2nd to 7th Feb on the bank of Ganga river.
It is claimed as Yoga Capital of the World. The holy Ganges flows through the town and there are many ashrams and sadhus along its banks. Rishikesh suggests a power to transform-sages first came here to find a splash of holiness along the crashing Ganga before wandering north toward the accessible pilgrimage sites. Every year thousands turn up in early February for International Yoga Week(Feb 2-7, 1998) on the banks of the Ganga. Even the Beatles sought a new path here as a few weeks of study with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi sent their tried and true pop style down a sinister road of sitar-laden Psychedelic.
Laxman Jhula
This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Rishikesh. Legend has it that Laxman had crossed the river Ganges in this place jute ropes. Now a suspended iron bridge, built in 1939 exists here. Another suspended bridge between Shivanand Ashram and Sawarg Ashram is called Ram Jhula.
Bharat Mandir
Adiguru Shankra Chrya, the Hindu saint built this temple in 12th century. The oldest temple of Rishikesh, it is located on the bank of river Ganges in the old town and enshrines the idol of Lord Vishnu, carved out of a single 'Saligram'.
27 kms from Rishikesh on the road to Deoprayag The Silvery Sandy beach camps are located between Shivpuri and Byasi Village, right on the milestone showing Byasi 03 Kms.

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