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Kota (Rajasthan)
193.58 sq.kms
251.1 m
29.7 C - 43.0 C (Summer) ,24.5 C - 11.7 C (Winter)
light tropical in summer, light woolen in winter
Best Season For Visit
October - February
88 C.m.
STD Code
Rajasthani, Hindi and English
The independent State of Kota became a reality in 1631 when Rao Madho Singh, the second son of Rao Ratan of Bundi was made the ruler, by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Soon Kota outgrew its parent state to become bigger in area, richer in revenue and more powerful. Maharao Bhim Singh played a pivotal role in Kota's history, having held a 'Mansab' of five thousand and being the first in his dynasty to have the title of Maharao.
One of the most impressive features of Kota is its imposing fort overlooking the modern Chambal Valley Project. Numerous dams, namely Kota Barrage, Gandhi Sagar, Rana Pratap Sagar, Jawahar Sagar, etc dot the city. There is also an old palace facing the Kota Barrage, which dates back to the time of the Hada rule over Hadoti. Other monuments in the city, standing as a witness of the bygone era, are the Brij Raj Bhawan Palace, Jag Mandir and island Palace, impressive havelis, royal cenotaphs, etc.
Places For Visit
Maharao Madho Singh Museum
Maharao Madho Singh museum is situated in the old palace. The museum has on display a rich collection of Rajput miniature paintings (Kota school), sculptures, murals, arms, etc. Also exhibited are some artistic items used by the former rulers of Kota.
Government Museum
Housed in the Brijvilas Palace, the Government museum exhibits an array of rare coins, manuscripts, sections of Hadoti sculpture, etc. The most remarkable item on display is a sculpted statue brought here from Baroli, famous for its beauty and the history attached to it.
Kishore Sagar & Jag Mandir
Prince Dher Deh of Bundi got the Kishore Sagar Lake constructed in 1346. A scenic lake, it houses a palace, Jag Mandir in the center. Made up of red sandstone, the palace looks a picture of serenity standing in the middle of the lake. Nearby is Keshar Bagh, housing some royal cenotaphs. Boating facilities are also available at the lake.
Chambal Garden
Situated near the river Chambal, Chambal garden serves as a popular picnic spot. The garden is nearby Amar Niwas Palace and presents a picturesque sight. One can even go for boating in the Chambal River.
Haveli of Devtaji
In the heart of a busy market is situated the striking Haveli of Devta Shridharji. The haveli is adorned with impressive murals and rooms beautifully decorated with some amazing miniature paintings.
Kota Barrage
The irrigation canal system on the Chambal River, Kota Barrage, serves as an ideal venue for excursions and evening walks.
Kansua Temple
Kansua temple is famous for a rare four-faced Shivlinga that it enshrines.
Apart from these some other places to see in Kota are Mathuradheesh temple, Yatayat Park, Adhar Shila, Budh Singh Bafna Haveli, Godavari Dham Mandir, Bhitria Kund, Haryali Water Park, etc.
Get Kota
Visit by Road - A good network of roads connects Kota to important cities in Rajasthan and neighboring cities/states such as Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bundi.
Visit by Air - The Kota airport is connected to Jaipur, which is in turn, is linked to major cities like, Delhi, Mumbai and Udaipur.
Visit by Rail - The Kota Railway station falls on the Delhi-Mumbai rail route. A number of trains link Kota to various other cities and towns of India.

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