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Take Tours to Perak, the only Malaysian state to possess a royal house with lineage from the rulers of Malacca. When the Portuguese captured Malacca, the Malaccan moved away to Johor and reinstated their power. The eldest son of the Sultan headed towards north where he was offered to become the first sultan of Perak. The discovery of vast resources of tin deposits in the mid-19th century AD brought immense prosperity to the region.
Places For Visit
Kuala Kangsar
Kuala Kangsar is a royal town on the Perak River 48 km from Ipoh. On Tours to Perak, one must check out the three beautiful buildings at Kuala Kangsar, namely, Istana Iskandariah, Istana Kenangan and Ubudiah Mosque. Istana Iskandariah is the palace of the Sultan of Perak. Istana Kenangan was the temporary residence of the sultan when Iskandariah was under construction. Architecturally Kenangan is more charming than Iskandariah. The construction of Ubudiah Mosque began in the late 19th century but was completed only after the First World War. The marvelous mosque is crowned with a group of golden domes.
Visit Taiping, the capital of Perak on Tours to Perak. Taiping became the capital of Perak in the late 19th century AD when the city had a flourishing tin industry. In the 1890's, the abandoned mining pools were transformed into ravishing Lake Gardens. You must also visit the oldest State Museum of Malaysia on Tours to Perak. On exhibition are the antiquities like weapons, handicrafts and indigenous equipment.
Bukit Larut
Earlier known as the Maxwell Hill, Bukit Larut is the oldest hill station of Malaysia. It exudes the ambience of the colonial era with grand bungalows, well-tended gardens, absolute tranquility and cool environs.
Ipoh Cave Temples
The Ipoh countryside is lined with several limestone projections and cave temples. The cave paintings are almost two millennia old while the temples are comparatively of recent origin. The most prominent temples are the Perak Tong and Sam Poh Tong built by Chinese monks. Perak Tong features more than 40 statues of Buddha. Sam Poh Tong is inhabited by Buddhist monks and nuns and adorned with several statues of Buddha.
Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary
Visit the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary on Tours to Perak. A coastal bird sanctuary. You will spot several colorful birds particularly during migratory season of August to December at Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary. Among the mammals spotted here are the dusky leaf monkey, ridgeback dolphin and smooth otter.
Kellie's Castle

When the rubber industry developed in Malaysia, William Kellie Smith was one of the fortune seekers who prospered with the boon in rubber industry. After making a lot of money, this Scot decide to make a grand mansion but unfortunately died before the castle was completed. The unfinished castle also looks very attractive nestled on Kellie's old land.

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