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Most popular as the abode of Lord Jagannath and one of the four religious centers of India, Puri offers a mystic pilgrimage to stout devotees with its host of temples, holy tanks and monasteries filling the horizons with a religious milieu.
The temple of Lord Jagannath is also the tallest historic monument standing 65 meters tall and built by Chodaganga Deva in 12th century A. D. The architecture of the temple is magnificent and glorifies the ancient time and culture. The sunny beach at Puri offers an amazing sunrise with a peaceful and numinous message.

Orissa>> Chilika
Doorway to the opulent flora, fauna and aero-fauna of Orissa, Chilika is a place to remember and cherish as a holiday spot. The place is the largest inland brackish lagoon in Asia spread across an area of 1,100 sq. km.
Comprising of an evergreen range of hillocks and a wide expanse of clean blue water dotted with a host of islands with romantic names, Chilika is renowned as the Queen of natural beauty and an ideal tourist spot for fishing, bird watching and boating. The glimpse of the lake is especially breathtaking from Balugaon, Barkul, Rambha and Satpada.
The capital city of Orissa is better known as 'the temple city of India' for its hundreds of temples and hereditary Oriyan temple building skills over one thousand years old. Bhubaneswar is perceived as an important Hindu pilgrimage center as it is home to the prominent Lord Lingaraj or Tribhubaneswar, besides other temples dotting its landscape.
The old town manifesting the cultural heritage of Orissa is harmonized with the modern times by the new Bhubaneswar with its tall buildings and extensive infrastructure, rendering it an ideal tourist destination over all.
World renowned for the magnificent Sun temple, Konark city is thronged by tourists of both local and international ethnicity for its unparallel instance of the religious architecture in the world.
Built by King Narasimhadeva in the 13th century, the glory of the Sun temple was worded aptly by poet Rabindranath Tagore as 'here the language of stone surpasses the language of man', justifying any tourist's experience of Konark, which is impossible to translate into words. Konark is also famous for its stone and woodcarvings, patta paintings and appliqué work of Pipli.
Situated at the apex of a delta formed by rivers Mahanadi and Kathajodi, Cuttack serves as a convenient base for touring various destinations across the district. Cuttack is the oldest cities of Orissa and a former capital.
The city manifests the technological and architectural marvel of the ancient Orissa with its stone revetments and Barabati Fort. Temple of Cuttack Chandi, the Quadam-i-Rasool Shrine, Ratangiri, Lalitgiri, Udaygiri and others are places of religious interest at Cuttack. Cuttack also offers excellent shopping experience with its exotic artworks on display.
Orissa>> Simlipal
Endowed with a bounty of nature, Simlipal is a confluence of dense thick forests, wide expanse of grassy lands and green meadows, steep and sparkling waterfalls and a vibrant wild life frolicking in its lap. Covering a magnanimous 2750 sq. km.
The average mean height of Simlipal is 900 meters. Representing a thick biosphere reserve, the place houses a tiger project and a National park of India. Simlipal's dense forest and serpentine rivers offer an excellent breeding ground to a wide variety of flora, fauna and aerofauna, including the magnificent tiger and herds of majestic elephants.
Erstwhile Kalinga of Orissa in the medieval times, Balasore was once a hub of marine activity. Farasidinga and Dinamardinga parts of the town still bear traces of arrival and invasion of Dutch and French on Orissa's shore. Located at the banks of the river Budhabalanga, the city is also a tourist attraction for its Mahadev Baneswar Temple.
The banks of the river offer an ideal picnic spot for touring families, who always cherish a boat ride downstream. The city provides exciting shopping opportunity with lacquered toys, Remuna brass work and Nilagiri carvings on display.
Rich and vibrant manifestation of Orissa's western region in exhaustive terms, Sambalpur is the gateway to a bewitching scenic and cultural beauty that Orissa has in store. Sambalpur seems to have it all, be it lush green forests, captivating waterfalls, graceful denizens of the Wild, vibrant tribal culture, folk songs and dances, temples, monasteries, or a variety of historical buildings.
Sambalpur's mention in the works of Ptolemy (2nd century A D) as "Sambalaka" and its being the center of Vajrayana Buddhism during the reign of Indrabhuti has acquired it a place in India's rich cultural history.
A town of numerous temples with different seating deities of Hindu faith, Bhawanipatna is named after its presiding deity 'Bhawanishankar'. The town offers a pleasant change from the jungle of concrete, as well as presents itself as the most convenient base for touring various places of interest in the Kalahandi district and the nearby district of Nawapara.
A 16 meters high perennial waterfall called 'Phurli Jharan' is a mere 16 km drive from Bhawanipatna. Besides, there are historic forts of Asurgarh and Junagarh, wildlife of Karlapat and Ambapani hills and many more to visit nearby.
Jeypore is a must visit tourist spot at Orissa with its rich and vibrant tribal culture in its full bloom. Located at southernwest district of Koraput, Jeypore rests pristine and blissful with its green meadows, dense forests, terraced valleys, unexpected springs, waterfalls, and above all, 62 tribal communities such as Gond, Dhruba, Paraja, Koya etc.
who are still living in the surroundings and culture of an age that used to be before the advent of luxury of science and education. The place offers you an opportunity to spend time in the lap of nature and observe life closer to nature.
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