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New Zealand>>Napier
Situated as the capital of the Hawkes Bay region, Napier is renowned for a beautiful coastline, stately Norfolk pines, a multitude of nearby wineries and 1930's art deco architecture. In 1931, a two and a half minute earthquake destroyed the city of Napier which had to be completely rebuilt. A marvellous collection of buildings in the 1930's Art Deco style sprang up, which is celebrated with a special Art Deco weekend every February.
Places For Visit
Art Deco
Hawke's Bay is the Art Deco Capital of the World - thanks to the 1931 earthquake that virtually destroyed most of Napier and Hastings. The cities were rebuilt in the fashionable styles of the time - Spanish Mission, Stripped Classical, and above all Art Deco..
Kalimna Ostrich Park
This working Ostrich farm introduces visitors to all ages of this extraordinary bird, from chicks to adults such as Oscar, the grouchy bird, and Moa, a breeding hen. Guides lead visitors around the park to see birds close at hand, followed by viewing various ostrich products.
Marineland Of New Zealand
Dedicated to rescuing and providing a haven to injured and sick animals, Marineland is home to an array of animals including dolphins, sea lions, fur seals, little blue penguins, Gannet, otters and many birds.
Anyone who has ever been enchanted with the charm of trains will appreciate Trainworld with 37 model trains in operation. There are 800 metres (875 yards) of track spread throughout 117 square metres of area complete with model countryside and villages.
Other Attractions
A visit to the attractions of Marine Parade is also a must. View kiwi birds at the Napier Kiwi House, visit the Hawkes Bay Museum, the Aquarium and experience an 'earthquake' at the Stables Complex. Marineland of New Zealand has performing dolphins, sea lions and other marine animals. Swimming with the dolphins is also available at Marineland.
Get Napier
Transport -Many tourists enter Napier by State Highway 2, by rail (though this is becoming uncommon) or by air. Hawkes Bay is served by Hawkes Bay Airport which is located north of the marina.

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