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New Zealand>>Auckland
1,086 km² (419 sq mi)
Auckland is the main gateway to New Zealand and its largest city with its vibrant waterfront life - not for nothing is it called the 'City of Sails' - and its busy Downtown district. Auckland may not be New Zealand's capital - that distinction going to Wellington - but it is the country's largest city and its major gateway for most travellers.
Places For Visit
Auckland Harbour Bridge
The Auckland Harbour Bridge is another icon that can show you an exciting time. Bridge climbing is one of the latest things to do - and it doesn't require a high level of fitness or daring. You'll be carefully guided along the spans before proceeding to the highest point for a knockout view of the city and harbour.
Sky Tower
Start your Auckland experience at the top of the Sky Tower. At 328 metres, it's the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Apart from a stunning view, the Sky Tower now offers you Sky Jump - the world's highest tower-based jump. It's a leap beyond description...
Kelly Tarlton"s Underwater world and Antartic Encounter
For different view of Southern Hemisphere life, make a point of visiting Antarctica while you're in Auckland. At Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World you can meet King and Gentoo Penguins in a world of real snow and ice. You'll also walk through enormous perspex tubes while sharks, fish and stingrays of every description swim around you. Auckland Zoo's Sealion and Penguin Shores gives you a similar close encounter, except this time it's sealions whistling past your nose.
The other main attractions
The other main attractions of Auckland are Auckland Domain and Auckland Museum, city's oldest, largest and most attractive park, with gardens and statues. Auckland City Art Gallery, city's main art gallery that has the country's largest collections of both native and international art. New Zealand National Maritime Museum covers almost a millennium of history - from the arrival of Maori and then European settlers, to the 2000 Americas . Auckland Zoo , with almost 1000 creatures from around the world are housed at this forward-looking zoo and yes how can one forget the Howick Historical Village this living museum deals with the dramatic and turbulent events of the next 50 years, when the bulk of the settlers arrived from Britain, Ireland and Australia and Maori were forcibly removed from their land.
Auckland's Markets - Shopper's Paradise
The weekend markets at Otara (Saturdays in South Auckland) and Avondale (Sundays in West Auckland) offer Asian, Indian, Pacific Island and European fruit and vegetables, alongside fresh seafood, baked goods and ready-made foods. The Avondale markets, in the grounds of the local racecourse, also have a wide variety of second hand goods and collectables.
Get Auckland
Visit by Road - Bus services in Auckland are mostly radial rather than ring-routes, due to Auckland being on an isthmus. Late-night services (i.e. past midnight) are limited, even on weekends
Visit by Rail -Train services are mainly limited to some commuter services routes to the west and southeast of Auckland, with longer-distance options scarce.

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