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On Tours to Malacca, visit the Butterfly Farm. The Butterfly Farm has one of the world's most widespread collection of butterfly and insects farms where you can see more than 200 local species of butterfly including exceptional ones, namely, Raja Brooke and Birdwing and a collection of more than 400 specimens of insects.
Places For Visit
Crocodile Farm
On Tours to Malacca, do visit the largest Crocodile Farm in Malaysia. Inaugurated in 1987, the Crocodile Park occupies 3.2 hectares of land and expanded since its inauguration to include a section of other reptilian species. You can spot almost 200 crocodiles of various species from worldwide, which includes the Siamese, African Dwarf, Indian Marsh/Mugger, Humpback and Tailless are among the important ones.
Malaysia Zoo
At a distance of 13 km from Malacca, Malaysia Zoo is the second largest zoo in the country spanning over an area of 54 acres. Providing shelter in natural environs to about 1, 200 animals made up of 200 different species of animals found in Southeast Asia and Africa, the zoo was established in 1963. It is the first zoo in the region where you can see almost extinct Sumatran Rhinoceros and Seladang. "Safari Theme Park" is the hottest attraction of the Malaysian zoo.
A' Famosa World Safari
On Tours to Malacca, visit A' Famosa World safari and Water World. A' Famosa World Safari is the place to spot some of the most rare and exotic animals under one roof. Enjoy the lush greenery spread across 150 acres of land along with animal rides, guided tours, high-tech farmhouse hatchery and animal shows. Then there is A' Famosa Water World. It is a fully equipped theme park where you can spend hours having fun.
Gadek Hot Spring
Gadek Hot Spring is famous for its medicinal and curative properties. People throng to this place from far and wide looking for beneficial cure for skin diseases. It is an ideal spot for family picnics where you can also find handicraft shops and playgrounds to add to the attraction.
Auyin Hill Resort
You must check out Auyin Hill Resort on Tours to Malacca. Auyin Hill Resort is built on the philosophy of Feng Shui or Geomancy. It is a unique hill resort in the country where every constituent has been positioned comparative to the principle of celestial and terrestrial positioning precision to augment its appeal, chi or power and prosperity.
Alor Gajah Museum
Alor Gajah Museum traces the history of the district of Alor Gajah. The objects on display will help visitors to take a journey back into the by lanes of the past. Naning War was fought at this very spot. The other exhibits in the museum are about the cultures of the Malay, Chinese and Indian.
Mini Malaysia
Mini Malaysia is a unique theme complex where the tourists can observe the traditional houses of the 13 states of Malaysia at one place. On display are the life-size real houses of the Malaysian created by master builders. Each house has been furnished according to the state, which it represents to exude the real ambience of the traditional setting of the state.
Seri Tanung Homestay, Masjid Tanah
To get a real life experience of Kampung way of life on Tours to Malacca, check out the Seri Tanjung village. Winner of the National Beautiful Village Competition twice, Seri Tanjung offers accommodation for visitors under the Homestay concept where the tourists stay with the family of the host, i.e., the villagers of Seri Tanjung.

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