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Ummaid Bhavan
Constructed By
Maharaja Umaid Singh
Throne Room, a wood-paneled library, a private museum, an indoor swimming pool, a Billiards room, tennis courts and marble squash courts.
Some Information
Maharaja Umaid Singh, an admirer of western lifestyles hired a famous Edwardian architect, Henry Vaughan Lanchester, for Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur. The maharaja got the palace constructed with the intention of providing employment to famine stricken farmers.
The attractions of the palace include the Throne Room (housing fascinating Ramayana murals), a wood-paneled library, a private museum; an indoor swimming pool, a Billiards room, tennis courts and marble squash courts. The Palace has now been converted into five star deluxe palace hotel. The Umaid Bhavan Palace of Rajasthan also houses a museum. On display, in the museum, are an array of weapons, stuffed leopards, clocks and a huge banner presented by Queen Victoria.
Other Historical Place of Jodhpur
Fort Chanwa Luni
Fort Chanwa Luni of Rajasthan is situated in the Luni district near the city of Jodhpur. Kaviraj Muraridanji, a minister in the court of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, got the fort constructed. Built completely out of Jodhpur red sandstone, it is an epitome of grace and uniformity in Indian architecture. Exquisitely carved windows or jharokas and latticework friezes consist of some of the most magnificent features of the Chanwa Luni Fort. An architectural wonder, the fort has a web of accurately planned stairways, corridors, secret rooms, passages, towers, courtyards, stables, etc. The rooftops of the fort provide a fascinating view of the village below and the Thar beyond.
Khimsar Fort Palace
Khimsar Fort Palace of Rajasthan is located at a distance of 90 km from Jodhpur. The initial construction of the fort dates back to the early 16th century. At that point of time, the main purpose behind building the fort was war and security. However, around mid 18th century, the royal family converted into their residence. It was then that the Zenana (ladies residence) was constructed. In the Zenana, exquisitely carved windows were built to serve as the veil for the ladies in waiting. The most recent addition to the Khimsar Fort Palace was carried out in the 1940's. This was when Thakur Onkar Singh, the present chief and the 17th direct descendant of Rao Karamsi built a regal wing for himself.
Jagram Durg Nimaj
Jagram Durg of Nimaj, Rajasthan dates back to the year 1773. Situated in the Pali District of Marwar region, it was constructed by Thakur Jagram Singhji. It was recently converted into a heritage hotel in the year 1995. Jagram Durg Heritage Hotel, near Jodhpur, stands amidst picturesque surroundings, in the vicinity of the charming Chattar Sagar Lake. The hotel offers world-class comforts and graceful furnishings. Some of the options for you, while staying at Jagram Durg Hotel of Rajasthan, are to go for a Jeep Safari, Camel Safari, Angling, Bird Watching, Sight seeing at Chattar Sagar Dam, etc.
Rawla Narlai
Rawla Narlai of Rajasthan is a retreat situated between Jodhpur and Udaipur. Built in the 17th century, it served as the hunting lodge of the royal family of Jodhpur. Put up underneath a 350 ft rock in the Aravalli range in southern Rajasthan, it has a beautiful patio resplendent with bougainvillea. Stained-glass windows, frescoes, carved pillars and covered porticos adorn the rooms of Rawla Narlai. One of the best features of Rawla Narlai is the peace and quiet that greets you once you reach inside its huge walls.

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