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Mysore is the cultural capital of karnataka. The palaces which were built for the kings and their families were not only for pleasure but they are glowing with artistic beauty, hence they attract people from all the parts of the world. Some of the Palaces have now become attraction for visitors, some of them are government offices and some are hotels, and university office. Some of them are Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilasa, Lalitha Mahal etc.,
This palace is towards the western part of the famous mysore palace and at a walkable distance. Until the completion of the main palace auditorium in 1912 all the annual day and dasara festival celebration were taking place here. There is beautiful and artistic mantap in front of this palace. Wedding ceremony of "Naalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeya" and "Shri Kantheerava Narasimharaja Wodeyar" took place in this palace.This palace was built by "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the third ". The crowning ceremony of "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth" also took place here in 1902. This place was used for staying of royal family until the new palace was built and it was used for entertainment afterwards. Now this is a famous art gallary which consists of paintings by famous indian painter "Raja Ravivarma". The large auditorium is used for major cultural events in mysore.
This is second in size, beauty and famous among the palaces. The foundation stone was laid in November 18, 1921 by "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth". This palace gets its beauty by the chamundi hill to its backside and is located towards east of mysore city. The palace is eyecatching by its whiteness which comes from the granite stone brought from italy for the construction. Now this palace is a five star hotel and attracts VIPs and tourists from foreign countries and rich people!.
This palace was built in 1842 and used as "Special School" for young prince's. The palace is built in 36 acres sorrounded by gardens. The speciality of this palace is that the facing portions of the palace is made of soft iron. After entering the palace we can see a large verandah. The first floor resembles the ground floor. This building looks beautiful and artistic. This palace was a hotel for a long time and currently locked for visitors.
This was built during 1822 and 1838 and is atop the chamundi hills. This palace was re-constructed by "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth". The royal family were visiting this palace for excursion. "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth" was being taught philosophy and english here in this palace. This palace has been built in indo-british style. Standing near the palace at the view point, one can enjoy the panoramic view of mysore city. We can also see Biligiri hill (B. R. Hills) ranges, Nilgiri hill ranges and the backwaters of KRS dam (Brindavan Gardens) from here. This palace was a hotel for some time and currently this is crumbling without any maintenance. Visitors are not allowed to this place.

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