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The Mehrangarh Fort is located at a distance of almost 5 kilometers from the main Jodhpur city in Rajasthan, India. This historical monument is situated atop a hill that is about 150 meters high and during your tours to this part of Rajasthan you could trek up to the fort. This historical monument is quite a formidable structure and is one of the most impressive architectural wonders in the Jodhpur region.
This fort was considered as invincible during the period when the royal family reigned from here. This gigantic and imposing historical fort has a number of palaces, havelis, temples and other buildings inside the fort walls.
About Mehrangarh Fort
The Lohapol or the Iron Gate at the Mehrangarh Fort has a special historical significance and attracts tourists even today. This Iron Gate has the palm prints of the queens of Maharaja Man Singh who jumped into his funeral pyre and committed sati. These palm prints on the Iron Gate are covered with vermilion paste and silver foil. During your tours to the historical monuments in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India you must pay a visit to the Jaswant Thada. There are a number of cenotaphs that were constructed for the royalty in the year in 1899 A.D.
There are portraits of a number of rulers who have reigned over Jodhpur during different points of time in history. The main memorial was constructed in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The Sardar Market is definitely one place that you must visit during your tours to historical monuments in Jodhpur, India. This is perhaps one of the oldest markets in Jodhpur, India and has more than 7000 shopping outlets full of rustic charm. These shops sell a variety of handcrafted items that range from traditional clothing and accessories to decorative items. During your tours to the historical monuments in Jodhpur, India you can also visit the Hall of Heroes that is famous for its architectural splendor and the fantastic stone figures that have been carved on one particular wall that is meant to represent Hindu deities.

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