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Fishing and Angling
Fishing in the jungles and angling at the various rivers and lake sides, is not a new sport in India, but at present it is surely turning out to be quite a way of relaxation for tourists who visit the wildlife sanctuaries in India. Rivers such as Cauvery, which meander through the forested regions of Karnataka offer both adventure and opportunity for nature lovers.
Major Fishing & Angling Sites
The varied topography comprises hilly and riverine areas, temporary marshy depressions, plateaus and ravines. The lower areas are almost completely populated by Sal trees. In the park are found 110 tree species, 50 mammals species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species.
Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Himachal is known as one of the best destination when it comes to leisure activities like fishing and angling. One such destination is Tirtan valley, which will mesmerise you by the natural surroundings of snowclad peaks. Watching the sun go down spreading variant hues in the sky is another sight to see at Tirthan. And if you take pleasure in exploring the surroundings, then there are plenty of trails near the Sereolesar lake side, just waiting to be discovered.
The Ramganga and Kosi Rivers, Corbett National Park
Fishing and angling in the rivers Ramganga and Kosi are like a dream come true for an angler. Large Mahseer and even larger Goonch rule the pools of the Kosi and the Ramganga, the same pools where Elephants, Tigers, Deers and the wild animals residing in the famous Corbett National Park come to refresh themselves. Rods are hosted at the luxurious Camp Forktail Creek, also home to a great birding host.
The Sarju And Eastern Ramganga Rivers, Kumaon
Another attractive angling site in the state of Uttranchal is situated among the Kumaon hills. First angling tour starts at the site of river Sarju from the famous Balaghat Gorge near Bageshwar to Kapkot on the way to Pindari Glacier. The second angling tour starts from Eastern Ramganga from Tejam and all the way down to Deval, Bans and Rameshwar.

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