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Buddhist Pilgrimage
10-km from the famous Hindu pilgrimage Varanasi;
Sarnath is, perhaps, the naturally most beautiful Buddhist pilgrimage, with a calm and cool atmosphere that silently preaches tranquility and peace. At a distance of only 10-km from the famous Hindu pilgrimage Varanasi; this place has seen many great teachers give their valuable sermons. Lord Buddha had visited Sarnath looking for his five companions who abandoned him in Rajgir while they deviated from the viewpoint of Lord Buddha on self-mortification.
Pilgrimage Attractions
Dhamekha Stupa
The stupa is the most impressive structure in Sarnath. Built around 500AD the excavations have revealed that some earlier construction was present at the site. The stupa is a place where one can see the devoted Buddhists circumambulating the structure, ashoka might have built the stupa to earmark the Dharmachakrapravartana to five ascetics.
The first impression of the ancient Buddhism monuments while one enters Sarnath from Varanasi, this Chaukhandi was built to mark the meet of Lord Buddha with his five companions. Todar Mal added an octagonal tower to the structure to commemorate the arrival of Emperor Akbar to the city in 1588.
Asokan Pillar
This Pillar is the national emblem of India, presents a splendid represntation of Art during Ashoka's period, and the Asoka Wheel down the base adorns the Tricolour national flag. If you are in Sarnath, don't miss this pillar.
The Monasteries
The Buddhist temple built only in 1931, claims to have Buddha's original relics. Moreover, the temple houses some of the most interesting mural paintings depicting the story of Buddha's life.
The Digambar Jain temple
Associated to Shreyanshnath, a Jain Tirthankar, this temple famous among the Jain community and good for visualisisng some interesting paintings and sculptures depicting the life of Lord Mahavira.

At a distance of 10 km from Sarnath, Varanasi is a revered Hindu pilgrimage, well known for the pristine Ghats, bathe rituals and the numerous temples. The golden temple, with stunning golden towers does attract majority of the pilgrims and is definitely an attraction.

How to reach there:-
By Road:- Well-laid motorable roads connect Sarnath with varanasi and other important cities.
By Rail:- Varanasi is a major station in Broad gauge network and is well connected to most of the stations of India.
By Air:- Varanasi is the nearest airport, at a distance of 10 km from Sarnath.

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