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Ellora Caves
Ellora Caves
Famous For
Buddhist Pilgrimage
The Ellora caves are in Charanadari hills, in the village Verul, at a distance of 26 km in the north of Aurangabad and 400 km from Mumbai, between Latitude: 20º1'North and Longitude: 75º10'East.
Ellora caves are more important to see the common threads of the three different faiths namely, the Hinduism, the Buddhism, and the Jainism, and more interestingly, to note the integration and tolerance which prevailed at that time. Strangely, even though many invaders tried to destroy and damaged them, they stand with the same charm and antiquity with which they first were built.
Pilgrimage Attractions
Named after Moghul ruler Aurangzeb, this city is famous for Humroo shawls, Kimkhwab and Mushroo handicrafts. Biwi Ka Maqbara is a fine Moghul architecture while the Grishneshwara temple is one of the 12 Jyotiralingas in India.
Formerly a Hindu bastion, Mohammed Bin Tughlaq renamed. After conquering, it as Daulatabad. This emperor is called the Wise n Fool emperor due to his extraordinary character. Though his warfare techniques, architectural choices etc were superb, he lacked in Management skills. Wooed by the beauty of this hill, he ordered all the citizens of Delhi to be moved to Daulatabad, a foolish decision, causing immense damage to property and huge casualty.
Ajanta Caves
The Ajanta caves are important mainly to see the fine line of transfer of the Hinyana and the Mahayana sect, as for the fact he Hianyana did not worship any god or goddess but they used stupas, and other rock forms to represent Buddha. Mahayana on the other hand, used idols of people they worship. Interestingly, the caves include both Chaitya(Prayer Halls) and monasteries and have both types of architecture and art besides paintings and scriptures, of the two sects Hinyana and Mahayana. Caves numbered 8,9, 10, 12, 13 and 15 are of the older sect, Hinayana. Mahayana related vcaves are numbered 1, 2, 16, 17, 19 and 26 where, 19 and 26 are Chaityas.
How to reach there:-
By Road:- Good road condition, and a superb connectivity from Mumbai.
By Rail:- Either Aurangabad if you have enough leisure time, or Jalgaon, if you need faster trains.
By Air:- Chikalthana airport at Aurangabad (30 kms) is nearest, direct flights fly in from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur etc.

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