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Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves
Famous For
Buddhist Pilgrimage
The caves are in the state of Marathas, Maharashtra, in the Aurangabad district. Located between Latitude 20º32' North and Longitude: 75º45'East. The caves are by the river Waghora, in the midst of the Sahyadri hills burried by thick forest all around.
These caves are believed to see the rise and spread of both the two sects of Buddhism, the Hinyana and the Mahayana, and enough examples of architecture are available still in the caves. The 30 caves, including the unfinished ones, seem to carry a distinct charm and represent the true faces of the flourishing Buddhist architecture, art, and obviously the religious influence at that period of time.
Pilgrimage Attractions
Ellora caves
Ellora caves too have some fantastic rock cut sculptures and is in the same district with that of Ajanta namely, Aurangabad. The caves are always rhymed with the Ajanta Caves for the architectural similarity and location. The cave is a symbol of representation of high tolerance of India from the ancient days, as well as pointing towards the common thread running through Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.
The green belt city of Maharashtra is well known for the 12-Year Mahakumbh and the varieties of fruits produced here. The city is related with Ramayana and is a very fast growing industrial destination in India. Shirdi, Trmbakeshwar, Dudhsagar waterfalls, Bhandardara, Jawahar, etc.
The Ajanta caves are important mainly to see the fine line of transfer of the Hinyana and the Mahayana sect, as for the fact he Hianyana did not worship any god or goddess but they used stupas, and other rock forms to represent Buddha. Mahayana on the other hand, used idols of people they worship. Interestingly, the caves include both Chaitya(Prayer Halls) and monasteries and have both types of architecture and art besides paintings and scriptures, of the two sects Hinyana and Mahayana. Caves numbered 8,9, 10, 12, 13 and 15 are of the older sect, Hinayana. Mahayana related vcaves are numbered 1, 2, 16, 17, 19 and 26 where, 19 and 26 are Chaityas.
How to reach there:-
By Road:- Well-maintained roads link Ajanta to Mumbai, good buses are also available.
By Rail:- Aurangabad is nearest railhead, Jalgaon, 59 km away, is good for catching swanky trains.
By Air:- Aurangabad, 99 km away is the nearest airport. Direct flights available from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur etc.

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