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Gujrat>>Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Close by the sea, with an option to entertainment, lies one of the finest beaches in Gujrat which is the Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach. One can have the access to water sports at this beautiful beach. It is situated at a distance of 298 kms away from Ahmedabad. The seawater over here is clear and is the perfect place for swimming. Various water sports are offered at Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach like water scooters, skiing, surfing, para sailing, speed boat trips, etc. Gujarat Tourism is really putting a lot of attention on the promotion of this beach.

Gujrat>> Beyt Dwarka
Beyt Dwarka is a beautiful but lesser known beach that is located in Dwarka (an important Hindu pilgrimage center in Gujarat). The beach comprises of a small isolated island named Beyt Dwarka and is accessible by ferries and small boats. The Beyt Dwarka beach is a fine place to relax amidst the splendors of nature and adds up to a truly rejuvenating experience. Besides, the Beyt beach is also a great place to indulge in some exciting bird watching exercises.
Gujrat>>Chorwad Beach
Chorwad is a small fishing village in Gujarat that boasts of a fine stretch of sand along the coast. Indeed, the Chorwad beach is simply perfect for a relaxed beach holiday. Complete with lush green surroundings and a wonderful resort, the Chorwad also offers great opportunities for enjoying long walks and romantic evenings. This beach holiday spot also serves as a wonderful base for those who would like to visit places like Somnath and Porbandar in Gujarat.
Gujrat>>Diu Beach
Located at a distance of 125km from Junagarh, the island of Diu is one of the finest beaches in the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat. Its soft sandy beach with swaying palm trees and fantastic forts, churches make it one of the most beautiful beach holiday destination in Gujarat. The island of Diu was a Portuguese colony and a major port for maritime trade during 14th and 16th century.
Gujrat>>Dwarka Beach
Dwarka is an important city for Hindu Pilgrimage. This was the kingdom of Lord Krishna. The entire city was revealed by marine excavations. The city is famous for the Dwarkadish temple or Jagat Mandir. Dwarka has fine stretches of beach and though crowded by pilgrims one can always find quiet spots too. Large number of birds could be seen on the coast. There is a small island covered with temples, a white beach, coral reefs and extensive marine life. Dolphins and porpoise can be seen surfacing to breathe, sea turtles, octopus, star fish, sea urchins etc. inhabit the beach.
Gujrat>>Gopnath Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches in Gujarat, the Gopnath beach was once the summer home of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar. From lush green surroundings and fabulous limestone cliffs to bird watching exercises, visitors are assured of an experience to remember at the Gopnath beach in Gujarat.
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