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Andhra Pradesh>>Bheemunipatnam Beach
Bheemunipatnam Beach is at a distance of 24 km. from Visakhapatnam, this beach is located at the mouth of the river Gosthani. Once a Dutch settlement, the ruins of a fort and cemetery are still intact. The beach is very safe for swimmers. The journey between Visakhapatnam and Bheemunipatnam is exhilarating.

Andhra Pradesh>> Manginapudi Beach
Manginapudi Beach is located at a distance of 11 km. from Machilipatnam in Krishna District, Manginapudi deserves its importance partly from its scenic beauty and partly from being a historic port city. Machilipatnam flourished as a commercially important trading centre and served as a gateway to India. The beach possesses tremendous potential with a natural bay and comparatively shallow and safe waters. A beautifully laid park with a fountain and well lit surroundings further enhance its reputation as a place for relaxation.
Andhra Pradesh>>Mypad Beach
Mypad Beach is located at 25 km.away from Nellore, this is a fine sandy beach. A determined sea lover will find the entire coastline of Andhra Pradesh stunningly appealing with azure sea waters gently washing the sun kissed sands and lush green vegetation providing an enchanting back drop.
Andhra Pradesh>>Ramakrishna Beach
The combination of both Ramakrishna Beach And Lawson's Bay present a very picturesque site.One of the most alluring beaches on the Eastern Coast is the Ramakrishna beach, which is a favourite haunt for tourists visiting Vishakhapatnam.The vast stretch of water and the accompanying calm is in sharp contrast to the scurrying activity on the road and the apartments on the other side. On the shores, it is a virtual fair with a colorful crowd of tiny tots, young and old having a fun filled time on the sand bed.
Andhra Pradesh>>Rishikonda Beach
Just 8-km from Vishakhapatnam is the Rishikonda Beach, a golden, unspoilt beach, washed by the sun-warmed sea.It is ideal for swimmers, water skiers, and wind surfers. Tourists can enjoy a holiday in picturesque settings.
Andhra Pradesh>>Vodarevu Beach
Vodarevu Beach is located at about 6-km from Chirala, in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a beautiful beach with a constant inflow of tourists spending their weekends in serene setting. This is a nice gateway from the hustle and bustle of city life.
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