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Every international traveller wants to tour Austria. Visit to Austria translates into wonderful amalgamation of scenic natural beauty and rich heritage. Caves beautified by nature with ice, frothy waterfalls, pleasing parks, curious wildlife and several other attractions are always eager to welcome the tourists. Austrian towns like Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Klazenfurt provide provide plenty of fun to the guests.
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Thrilling ice-carpeted caves, enchanting waterfalls, exquisite parks brimming with wildlife, fabulous architecture, Austria seems to possess variety of presents for its visitors. Vacations in Austria are worth enjoying from all aspects. Come and have virtual experience of some of the best tourist spots in Austria with us. The country has plenty of marvelous places to explore.
Places For Visit
Austria>>Eisriesenwelt Caves
Warm up yourself to explore the Eisriesenwelt Caves in Austria. Owned by the National Austrian Forestry Commission, the cave would provide you one of the most thrilling experiences during your Austria visit. In Eisriesenwelt Caves, the ice remain frozen throughout the year. The ice cave is located at the height of 1640 metre. Usually the temperature remains under zero, so make sure to be prepared to save yourself from the cutting cold.Eisriesenwelt Caves are bedecked with all kinds of ice formations like gigantic columns and towers, waterfalls and glaciers. Frozen throughout the year the cave here offers a wonderful view of frosted ice. Chilly air currents running through the cave alter the ice formation every year. Currently around 200,000 tourists come to visit Eisriesenwelt Caves every year.
Austria>>Krimml Falls
The cycle of natural wonders in Austria is undending and Krimml Falls is one of them. Huge number of tourists come to Krimml Falls every year to enjoy the summers. Situated at the north-western margin of the Hohe Tauern, near the Tyrolian border in the area of Krimml, it is the longest water fall in Europe. Not only in summers but in winters too Krimml Falls summon hordes of visitors.
Austria>>Hohe Tauern National Park
Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest immaculate mountainous sight in all of Europe. Its lush vegetation makes it one of the most scenic places all over the world. This fostered oasis of flora and fauna, also stands as one of the best tourist attraction all over Europe. One can witness nature in its original unpolluted form here. The highway through the park, the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, is panoramic and worth seeing.
Austria>>Schonbrunn Palace
The sculptures in the Schonbrunn Palace are live example of baroque, splendid architecture of Europe. Former summer residence of the imperial family, now a days the palace is part of UNESCO's cultural heritage. Its splendid architecture and rococo furnishing make it Vienna's most important cultural monument. Not only Vienna's it is an important tourist attraction of Austria too.

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