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Africa >>Wildlife Watching and Nature Safaris In Tanzania
Tanzania prides huge numbers of wildlife spread all over the country and each of these wildlife display their own characteristics particular to the ecosystem. With Tanzania's national park and game reserves located so remotely such as Selous and Mahale Mountains,

Africa >>Keep Relaxion and Peace in Kenya
We at AfricanMecca know that the daily grind of life: the daily never ending business meetings, career problems, cooking, cleaning, house chores, groceries, family affairs and relationship, can really take a toll on a human being. Well, if you feel what we described fits your busy profile then making an escape to Kenya is the right thing for you. You too need to be served and pampered.
Africa >>Cultural Interaciton of Kenya
Do you have a humble and tolerant personality about other cultures and their ways of life, and enjoy reading and learning more about people from other parts of the world, especially Africa? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come enjoy a genuine African experience by visiting the diverse cultures, ways of life and traditions of the people of Kenya.
Africa >>Ocean Beach in Zanzibar
Zanzibar which includes Unguja, Pemba and Mafia Islands remains one of few undiscovered pristine beach destinations in the world with beautiful white silky-sand beaches and azure blue waters where the water temperatures are refreshingly warm, where you know walking into the Indian Ocean waters, that you will remain comfortable and feel invigorated.
Africa >>Adventures Activites of Kenya
Many of our clients live schedules where there is little or no time to enjoy the outdoors, especially if they live in metropolitan areas. They often purchase clothing and equipment gear in anticipation of pursuing an active lifestyle; most times the resolutions never materialize because daily responsibilities keep piling up. And it also happens when days off from work are possible, that are not vacation time,
Africa >>Kenya Historical Experience
Kenya is a country that is as old as the early exploration of the world by Romans: from 45 A.D, Hippalus, a Roman sailor, was pushed to the East African coast by the monsoon winds, to present day. Kenya holds a historical treasure for all to learn and enjoy.
Africa >>Kenya Safari
Windsurfing (also called board sailing) is a sport involving travel over water on a small 2 - 4.7 meter board powered by wind acting on a single sail, that is connected to the board via a flexible joint. The sport is a combination of sailing and surfing. The sail board might be considered the most minimalistic version of the modern sailboat, with the major exception that steering is accomplished by tilting the mast and sail rather than with a rudder.
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