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Adventrue Sports in india
Explore the rare Indian wildlife or chase the highest mountains of the world. Compete with the rough terrains of himalayas on our various adventure travel packages of India. Explore Indian adventure with bikes or enjoy a jeep safari tour. Also discover the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan on a camel safari tour. We at Adventure Tours India, approved by State Government of India, are geared to cater to all the requirements of business as well as leisure travelers. Our years of experience in handling adventure tours within India have enabled us to meet your requirements.
The fascinating sport of Paragliding, is one of the most popular aero sports all over the world. A large number of people across the world enjoy this sport, as it is convenient and safe medium of soaring high in the air. Paragliding is the latest aero sport, whose origin goes back to1940s, but it expended rapidly after 1980s. The adventure sport is a blend of skydiving and hand gliding, but a para-glider is different from a hand-glider or a parachute. A para-glider is much lighter, easy to open and it take a short time to glide, as there is no any need to jump from a helicopter or plane. Paragliding is somewhat similar to Para Sailing, the only difference is that Para Sailing is done on the beach while the launch sides for Para Gliding are gentle hill sides. One needs some basic training and strong determination to successfully glide high in the air.
Ganges, the mother goddess of India, is known all over the world as the most sacred river of the Hindus. Apart from that, the river is considered one of the best rivers rafting sites in the world. The river Ganges has always remained a mystery for rafters and full of surprises for the rafters. The mystic river with its staircase rapids, challenges the spirit of river rafting enthusiasts. Ganges River Rafting takes one to the unexplored areas and close to the people living in those areas. The Ganges smoothly flowing past the hillsides and forests provides a thrilling experience. There are many rivers rafting sites in river Ganages, Rishikesh is the ideal starting point for experienced as well as beginners. The Ganges river rafting stretch of 36 kms from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh has 12 major rapids, which needs some basic rafting training.
For many centuries human beings dreamed to fly high in the open sky,Ballooning - High Up In The Air but they did not have the technology to fulfill their desire. By early 18th century, following the continuous efforts of several years, people finally succeeded in making big balloons filled with steam. Those balloons were lighter than air, which took them into high into the air, but initially only few people dared to fly on those balloons. In the year 1783, ballooning became an adventure sports, when two French brothers Joseph Michel Montgoflier and Jacques Etiene Montgoflier created and set aloft a 17.83 m high fire balloon. The balloon carrying a sheep, a roosted and a duck landed safely at a distance of 3.2 kms, after a flight of eight minutes. Later in the same year Jean Francois Pilatre De Rozier along with Marquis D'Arlandes, flew in a hot air balloon, which marked the first journey made by man through air. This historic event took place in Paris and the success of this journey gave birth to the air ballooning sport.
For a long time, fishing and angling have been one of the favourite water sports for people across India. Both these adventure activities are best suited to the Indian peninsula, because of its numerous rivers that originate in the upper reaches of the Himalayas and flow through the Gangetic Plains. The rivers, lakes and streams of India are home to several variety of fish, which include Trout, Mahseer, Salmon, Bass and Shark. India is the only breeding ground for the Mahseer, the toughest fresh water fighting fish in the world. Other favourite fishing varieties are the Golden, the Silver, the Silver Grey and the Black Mahseer. Besides, the Indian coastal stretch of the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal are home to saltwater fishes like Sailfish, Tuna, Marlin, Tarpon and Bonefish. Angling is another popular kind of fishing related activity, which is used for fish conservation. The fishing activity is considered as an environment friendly sport. Angling is restricted to breeding seasons of fishes, as fishes can be protected while they are reproducing. In fact fishing and angling are the excellent water sports for all, right from the person who loves to eat fishes or who tries these just for pleasure and fun.
Camping is such activity that provides complete relief from the busy city life. Relaxing in the lap of nature amidst the picturesque surroundings is a wonderful experience. Camping is a recreational activity and people of all ages can enjoy it. Camping in India is the perfect way to enjoy the beauties of nature. The Himalayan region is a famous camping site is India, which offers a wide range of camping facilities. The green environs, charming countryside climate and tranquil atmosphere of Himalayan region spellbound every one. In fact Camping on the snow-covered mountains thousands of feet above sea level provide an out of world experience.
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