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Southeastern Asia, Island between Malaysia and Indonesia
10 Sq. km.(water), 637.5 sq. Km (Land)
UTC / GMT +7 Hour
speak politely, your may end your phrases or sentences with "khrap"
Thailand - the Land of Smiles is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia where you won't mind getting lost. The land of fabulous architecture, beautiful beaches and islands, inexpensive shopping, fantastic food, exotic hill-tribe villages, ancient ruins-and all the amenities as well. The balance between comfort and excitement is near perfect. From the frenetic capital to the hill country gateway of Chiang Mai, Thailand is a place that can excite the mind, tantalize the senses and take care of most everyday needs. The country is generally quite safe, and it has decades of experience in catering to travelers.
The weather in Thailand is always hot and humid, although the northern highlands are generally 10 degrees F/5 C cooler. The best time to go is November-February, when the days are milder and the nights are cool. March-May is very hot, with temperatures reaching into the low 100s F/38 C. Avoid mid May through October, when it's humid and rainy (the streets of Bangkok flood easily), though those willing to chance it will get better rates at hotels.
Required clothing: Lightweights and rainwear are advised.
Places For Visit
Bangkok once known as the "Venice of the East" as it had many canals. Although some of the canals are now covered taking away the charm of the city. Bangkok is it is still one of the most intriguing places worth visiting in Southeast Asia. It has greater variety of things to see and do than any other city. Bangkok has dominated Thailand's urban hierarchy, as well as its political, commercial and cultural life, since the late 18th century. Bangkok can be divided into two parts by the main north-south train line - Old Bangkok and New Bangkok. Old Bangkok glitters in the portion between the river and the railway and it is here that most of the older temples and the original palace are located. The new Bangkok is east of the railway, covering many times more area than the old city. It incorporates the main commercial and tourist districts, which give way to a vast residential sprawl.
Bangkok>>Royal Grand Palace
The Royal Grand Palace is a glittering walled complex that houses several palaces, all highly decorated with tiles and ceramics. Building was begun in 1782 when Bangkok was founded as the capital of Thailand. The complex houses Wat Phra Kaeo, the holiest of all Thai temples, where the sacred Emerald Buddha rests, not covered in emeralds but jade. There is even a scale model of Angkor Wat. There is a strict dress code and visitors wearing shorts, mini-skirts, sleeveless shirts or flip-flops will be refused entry, although it is possible to hire trousers and plastic shoes.
Bangkok>>National Museum
One of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the region, the National Museum houses a vast collection of artifacts from the neolithic period through to more recent periods. The building, begun in 1782, is fascinating in its own right, having been built in traditional Thai style. The museum is so large that it needs more than one visit, but if time is short it must be spent in the lovely teak pavilion, which houses personal royal belongings. Free guided tours are given by volunteers at 0930 on Wednesdays and Thursdays and are highly recommended.
Bangkok>>Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok and houses an enormous gold-plated Reclining Buddha, which is 46m (150ft) long and 15m (49ft) high. Today, it is also renowned for its teaching of herbal medicine and traditional massage.
Phuket>>Deep Wild Interior of Phuket :
Visitors to Phuket Province generally head for the sea, but the interior is worth exploring for its vivid patchwork of plantations and rice paddies, crowned by the island's last rain forest in Khao Phra Thaw Royal Wildlife Reserve. Here, rainy season hikes provide the best views of Ton Sai and Bang Pae waterfalls, with possible sightings of resident wildlife such as flying foxes and slow loris: visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center near Bang Pae falls and see how they reintroduce captive gibbons to the jungle.
Phuket>>Patong - Countless Pristine Sites
Phuket's limestone cliffs and palm-fringed tropical beaches are its biggest attractions. Sunseekers flock to its blue waters, with many enjoying the shopping and nightlife of vibrant Patong. A few quieter beaches to investigate are Karon, Kata, Rawai and Surin. Situated in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is a world-class dive destination with countless pristine sites and just as many operators, mostly around Patong. Experienced yachtsmen looking for all-inclusive charters will find fair-to-excellent craft with great facilities at the Phuket Boat Lagoon (Ao Sapam) and the Yacht Haven Phuket (Laem Phrao).
Divers Paradise
Near Phuket, on Thailand's west coast from Ranong down to Krabi are a large number of excellent dive sites. However, the area is sometimes tricky and can be difficult during the southwest monsoon from June to November. As Phuket's popularity among divers of all nationalities has increased, so has the number of dive sites. Nowadays, regular trips lasting up to two weeks are made to distant island groups in the Andaman Sea. Many of them are uninhabited and absolutely pristine, with dive sites to rival the best in the world.

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